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Time to Enjoy Your Space!

Summer is here—well, just about. I hope you are enjoying your garden, yard or patio while the warm months are here. You and your family can soak in the colour and continuously flowering plants and scents of summer. It can be quite soothing—some find it therapeutic.

If you are looking at your space and thinking it is getting a little tired or you just think you want to change it up, you can make tweaks right now. Give me a call and I can help you make those tweaks.

If you’re thinking bigger changes should be made or even a whole new look, now is the time to start strategizing and planning for a fall makeover. Don’t think “The fall? Why then?”. Perennials, shrubs, trees and grasses actually prefer fall planting. It’s easier for their roots to take hold versus summer where it’s all about leaf or flower growth. Garden centres and nurseries aren’t so busy during the summer months so perusing the inventory to get ideas of what you want is easier right now as well.

I can help! Why not contact me for a consultation? We can come up with some ideas and I can then draw up a plan specifically to your needs. When the cooler weather arrives in the fall, everything will be in place for you to transform that space into next spring’s beautiful oasis.

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