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About Us

Serving Waterdown and Halton Ontario

My background (and how I help YOU get the garden you’ve always wanted!)

Hi, my name is Leslie and I have extensive knowledge in landscapes big and small – and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

From small changes to a complete makeover, I can guide you to help you realize your vision of your space.

We can discuss it all from plant placement, design, seasonal flowering, maintenance and more. I want you to love your space!

From working with gardening newbies to landscape professionals in retail, residential and commercial spaces...I have worked with them all – so no matter how complex or exotic of a space you want, it’s all possible! 

You’re guaranteed to get the “down to earth” answers you want. 

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I have had 30 years in the horticultural industry (so far!). I have designed, installed and purchased plant products for hundreds of customers both residential and commercial.

During this time, I spent several years in high-end landscaping firms that serviced Toronto and the GTA, bringing colours and life to gardens all over the region.

This included seasonal displays of bulbs, annual and perennials as well as larger pieces…Developing small gardens to large mass plantings including all aspects of plant material…and so much more. 

My background also includes special interests such as large mature trees (30’ to 50’ tall) and installing them in tight places (which can sometimes include crane operations – which is fun to watch!).

For my retail clients, I did all the procuring of nursery stock, annuals and perennials for the seasonal market, and designing the Christmas Urn displays.

So whether my clients are retail, high-end or had their own personal little Eden, the effort I put into it is the same because it’s all tapping into that green-thumb creative part of my brain.  

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