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Summer Heat - Prepare For Next Year!

Enjoying the Summer?

Happy Dog Days of Summer! It’s hot and humid, positively great for being outdoors if you enjoy the heat! Grab a cold beverage, put up the umbrella and relax. Maybe even have some friends and family over for a BBQ now that it’s somewhat safe to do so. With summer winding down and cooler days ahead, now is the time to maximize your enjoyment of your outdoor green space.

There is nothing better than enjoying a warm summer breeze surrounded by a beautifully landscaped yard with it’s blooming perennials and dazzling annuals. All accented by the right shrubs and greenery. Did you know that the type of plants and shrubs in a space can have a significant cooling effect in the surrounding space? I hope you took the time to prepare your space in the spring so that minimal maintenance and maximum enjoyment can be had during these steamy summer days.

As you relax and enjoy, have a look around, maybe you want to make some changes for next season? Small or large, front yard, back yard, the time is now to ponder what those might be. And I can help with that. Fall is a busy planting season for a reason, the plants take root better and have to endure less heat and dryness. Making changes in the fall sets your space up for a dazzling spring and summer next year.

By all means, enjoy your space now while you can, but if you are planning for some changes, don’t hesitate to book your consultation for the busy fall season. In the meantime, enjoy watching those thunderstorms roll through in the late afternoon. I know I will be!! After the year and a half we’ve endured, we certainly deserve it.


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