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Thoughts About Spring?!

Just imagine waking up to the first 15-degree day in early April, opening your blinds to your backyard and seeing the first blooms of the new season adorning your newly updated garden space. The beauty of the colours and the anticipation of more coming through the remainder of spring and summer puts a smile on your face. Time to welcome warmer weather and enjoy that backyard space.

Back to today! Now that we are in the dog days of summer with perhaps the most sustained heat wave of the season scorching southern Ontario, let's not forget that fall and winter are not too far off. I know, I know, not something you want to think about. But, if you want that awesome feeling of sipping your first cup of patio coffee next to the new blossoms of spring, the time is now to plan what tweaks or major changes you need to make to your space to maximize that spring feeling.

What do you envision for that space? Additions? Changes? More colour or more consistent all-season blooms? There can be many things you may want to do including adding a bed, resizing a bed, adding a walkway, more plants, less plants--the options are near limitless.

Call me or email me to book your consultation today!

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