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Spring Gardening through COVID - 2021

Updated: May 7, 2021

Well – spring has sprung all though a little dreary this week! Nevertheless, people are getting in the mood to garden. The pandemic has forced people to spend time in their own backyards so to speak. But as with all things in this Covid 19 reality, there are going to be some obstacles. As a result, there will be shortage of landscape contractors available to do your work immediately as most of them have been booked from last year already (the previous Covid summer). This year we will see more plant material available in the spring as compared to last year as growers were more prepared and could plan accordingly. However, as large numbers of wholesale nurseries rely on foreign workers during the spring and summer to plant out trees and shrubs. The number of workers eligible to come into Ontario has slowed, due to restrictions, quarantines etc. This means that larger plant material (trees and shrubs) will be harder to find and in turn, more expensive.

This is where I can help. I am not a contractor but if you are interested in getting some advice on plants and a design to work with, I can provide that for you. This service is perfect for the people that would like to get advice but save money and do it themselves. Perhaps this will provide you with a unique opportunity to do something different in your own garden with confidence. If you would like your neighborhood landscape gardener to do the work, I can provide the plan and place the plants for them to install. In looking at your current design space and talking with you about your likes and dislikes I can direct you to what you are looking for. I can accompany you to the local garden centre and we can look at plants and I will let you know if they will work in your space.

The possibilities are endless! Give me a call!

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