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Google is not a Plant Finder:

Finding your favourite plants on Google? Think again.

I have many clients asking me why their favorite purple flowered perennial didn't survive the winter. Or they have planted and re-planted their shrubs and they still didn't fare well. Or they have fertilized it and mulched it and it still looks wimpy. Probably the plant is not good for your area. Many people will google plants and flowers and purchase them not realizing that they are not hardy or only marginally hardy in our plant zone. Google does not recognize that. It also doesn't tell you what kind of soil they thrive in and what sunlight they prefer. I have many clients sending me pictures and wanting to plant this certain plant and I tell them it is not hardy in our climate and direct them to similar flowers that will fare well in our climate. If you have similar questions and concerns please give me a call for a free consultation.

For Example: You will find these stunning flowering Gardenias in several local garden centres in Burlington, Milton and Oakville. These plants are tropical and will not survive the winter. They are also considered high maintenance as they should not dry out and require fertilizer to keep flowering throughout the summer. Just one of the many tips that i can provide.

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