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Fall Colours

I know, I know, it is still summer out there—at least for one more weekend officially anyway….

But, fall is just around the corner and you have likely already seen plenty of Mums at your local grocery store garden centre as the big guys compete to get the early bird customers.

Are Mums the only options for your fall urns? I’m sure you have guessed already that the answer is a big NO! Mums are awesome for the fall, they are hardy, taking the cool nights and warm days without any ill effects. They are also easy to maintain, requiring water only every few days depending on precipitation and are great for almost every space from the front door area to your backyard oasis. But they are not the only option…. you can get creative with your fall décor. Consider some smaller mums, dried fall foliage, fountain grass, canna lilies, dwarf dahlias etc. make excellent additions to make your urns more interesting than just the reliable Mum.

When planting, remember to make sure you use enough soil, and give each plant enough room to thrive. Water, as usual, will be essential at first to make sure the plants get a good footing. Consider spicing up your arrangement with some faux pumpkins and herbs and even some large pumpkins placed around the base of your urn. Throw in some faux flame candles that can give a really unique look to your fall celebrations—it’s really up to you how interesting you want to make the arrangement.

If you are unsure of how to approach building your own fabulous, decorative urns, contact me. I’d be happy to help you figure out what you could do to build a beautiful, long lasting fall masterpiece that will have heads turning and people asking just how you did that!

Chow for now, more to come with Christmas not in the too distant future!

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